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Board Of Directors

Md Yasin Ali

Md Yasin Ali is a Bangladeshi LGBTQI rights activist, human rights activist, writer, blogger, social worker, organizer, youth LGBTQI community leader. He is the founder of Noboprobhaat. In 2018, he founded Noboprobhaat . Since then he has been the president of this organization.


Md. Shumon Shikder

Md. Shumon Shikder is a Bangladeshi LGBTQI and human rights activist, social worker, writer, reciter, presenter. He is a founding member of Noboprobath and is currently the General Secretary of Nnoboprobath .

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Badhon Shikder

Badhon Shikder is a Bangladeshi youth LGBTQI rights activist. He is also a writer. He is a founding member of Noboprovat. He is currently the Publicity Editor of Noboprovat.


Advocate Sujoy Sarkar

Advocate Sujoy Sarkar is a Bangladeshi LGBTQ rights activist. He is a lawyer by profession. He is a founding member of Noboprobhat He is currently the Social Welfare Secretary of Noboprobhat.

Golam Rubayet

Golam Rubayet is a transgender rights activist in Bangladesh. He has been working for the rights of transgender people for a long time. He is currently the office secretary of Noboprovat.

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