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Novels: Unspoken Words (2nd and 3rd episode)

Writer: Simon


2nd episode

First day of college. Yaaaay! So happy! I really thought that there would be many welcoming events following one after another. But nada.

The bell rang and we were asked to go to our classroom. This government college is no different than my school.

After my JCS exam my dad had decided that I should study science. Can’t go against his wish now, can I?

I really wished that the boy I saw earlier must not be in the same class as me. Because if he does, I’ll find myself staring at him like a creep. Trust me when I say I’ve done it before.

But the universe wants something else.

This boy is a little taller than me. His shining black eyes are making me sway. His face when he smiles is the best thing I could see today.

He looks so hot in this uniform. I’ve always liked boys in uniform. He is sitting a few rows in front of me and I can only see one side of his face.

Every part of my soul is saying “I want him. I want him. I want him”

And I really do. I want to be his friend. Maybe a little more than just a friend.

He’s already talking with other boys and girls and I am just sitting alone like an abandoned puppy.

I know that I shouldn’t stare at him so I try to focus on that bird’s nest I can see from the window.

“The spotted dove’s nest. Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I was startled by calm but deep voice from behind me.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful” I look behind and my gaze stops at his beautiful lips. I look away quickly so I don’t become obvious to everyone.

“Do you know that if you touch their eggs they will carry it somewhere else and leave this nest, like forever?”

“What? Really?” I ask not because I’m curious but because I want to talk to him.

“I don’t know actually. My mom told me this when I was a kid. Maybe I still believe in it”

He puts his hand on my shoulder and sits beside me. I move my ass a little so he can sit comfortably.

“I’m Akash by the way”, he says.

“I’m Azan”


3rd episode


Akash. Akash. Akash.

I write down his name on my notepad countless times and imagine if he were my boyfriend.

I’d take him on cute little dates. Where we’d walk holding hands when no one’s watching and make eye contacts very often. Eat whatever we wanted.

It’s been three months since he and I first met. And it already feels like I’ve known him for more than that.

I know what kind of music he likes. I know his favorite color. I know that his favorite actress is Scarlett Johansson. His favorite marvel character is Iron Man. I know he loves spicy foods. I know that he loves instant noodles when I can’t even stand it’s smell. But I pretended to like it for him. Hopeless, right? I know.

We sit on the same bench beside each other almost everyday.

Sometimes his hands would touch mine and sometimes he would unintentionally put his legs on my thighs.

He would put his arm around my neck I would feel like a child around him.

Where was he all my life?

My most favorite place in this entire college would be the college library.

Akash loves reading books. He looks the hottest when he wears his round Harry Potter type glasses. The way he pushes his hair back while reading is the most attractive thing ever.

I don’t like reading as much as him. I like him. So what do I do? I sit there, hold a book in my hand and pretend to read.

Sometimes I take a glace at his face when he’s not noticing.

We both spend our lunch break here in the library.

“What are you reading?” He asks me.

It totally caught me off guard because I randomly picked one book and didn’t read the title.

“Time management?” He asks. Oh. That must be the title of the book that I’m holding.

“I didn’t know you are into nonfictions”


Okay. This is my worst fake laugh ever.

“Here” He hands me a paperback edition of a book. The title reads, “The Sun Is Also A Star”

I look at the book and then, I look at him.

His big smile tells me he cherishes this book and is excited for me to read it.

I honestly am not into books. But. Well, I didn’t like Coldplay but I liked them for him.
I didn’t like Iron Man but I like him now because of him. I don’t like spicy food but I enjoy it with him.

I don’t like books but I will love this one for him.


Novels: Unspoken Words 1st episode



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