About Noboprobhaat Foundation

Noboprobhaat Foundation is a registered non-profit organization working for the overall development of marginalized SOGIESC communities in Bangladesh. Along with that, we work for marginalized women, youth, and indigenous people. We focus and prioritize the Establishment of SOGIESC Rights and Human Rights, SOGIESC’s equal right to Education and Health, Economic Equity, Gender equity, Prevention of Gender-Based Violence, Protection of Indigenous Culture, Eradication of Unemployment and Creating Employment Opportunities, Capacity building, Knowledge Generation, Policy, and Advocacy, SRHR, SDG, HIV, and overall development of Climate. Noboprobhaat was officially established on 20th June 2018. The headquarter of Noboprobhaat is situated in Rangpur, Bangladesh.

Our vision

Our vision is to take the marginal SOGIESC community forward through socio-economic development and build a society in Bangladesh where there will be no discrimination.

Our Mission

  • To work for the prevention of violence and discrimination against the backward rural poor women and the people of gender and gender diversity.
  • Raising awareness on prevention of child marriage, dowry, abuse of women and children, and eve-teasing.
  • To create and rehabilitate the self-employment of backward rural poor women, unemployed youth and Hijras, and people of gender diversity.
  • Working on SRHR to protect young women’s reproductive health and reduce maternal mortality.
  • Collaborate with the government to enact and reform youth-friendly, women’s empowerment, and gender-equitable equality laws, and work as partners in advocacy activities.
  • Working to improve the living standards of transgender / Hijra, Vedic and Sawtal women.
  • Working towards meeting the goals of the SDGs.
  • Working to protect mental health.
  • Working to prevent HIV.
  • Working on the treatment, social security, and rehabilitation of AIDS patients.
  • To create social acceptance of Hijras and people of gender diversity and to work for the protection of human rights.
  • Providing training and employment opportunities for unemployed youth, and gender diverse communities in industrial, technological, and agricultural sectors by developing skills.
  • Working to prevent sexual abuse of children.
  • Taking various awareness measures to balance the environment and tackle climate change.
  • Advocating for the formulation of policies in local, national, and international governmental and non-governmental organizations for the protection of human rights and equality, implementation of fundamental rights, and improvement of living standards of women and other gender-diverse communities.