Ended Project's

Employment oriented Project (s)

Project Title: Employment for Marginalized SOGIESC Communities .
Funded by: Outright Action International .
Time frame: August 2021 — November 2021 .

Project Overview: The SOGIESC communities in Bangladesh have been severely affected and faced violence at Covid-19. Many lose their jobs. With the financial support from Outright International, Noboprobhaat implemented the “Employment for Marginalized SOGIESC Communities” project. Under this project, 42 people from the SOGIESC community are being trained in sewing and garment making by skilled trainers. Trainees are being taught business models to become self-reliant. Arrangements have been made to provide sewing machines to the skilled trainees at the end of the training. We hope that through this project, the Bangladeshi SOGIESC community will achieve and develop skills, employment, and be self-employed.

Skill Development Training Project (s)

Project Title: UN Human Rights Mechanism .
Funded by: ILGA Asia and COC Nederland .
Time frame: September 2020 — December 2020 .

Project Overview: The goal of our project was to make human rights activists more efficient. To further consolidate their work. Provide ideas on how to involve local human rights activists in the various human rights activities of the United Nations. Through this project, training was provided to 56 human rights activists of the Bangladeshi SOGIESC community. Through this training, the trainees have been able to further expand the scope of their work at the national and international levels. Through this project, 56 human rights activists from the Bangladeshi SOGIESC community were trained. Through this training, the trainees have been able to further expand the scope of their work at the national and international levels. ILGA Asia and COC Nederland collaborated on the implementation of the project.

Project Title: Development of Safety and Social Acceptance of the Rohingya SOGIESC Youth Community
Funded by: Youth Voices Count and Many Coloured Sky
Time frame: October 2022– May 2023

Project Overview: Noboprobhaat Foundation launched the project “Development of Safety and Social Acceptance of the Rohingya SOGIESC Youth Community” in collaboration with Youth Voices Count and Many Coloured Sky. Under this project “Dhaka Art Festival” and Rangpur SOGIESC Art Competition and Exhibition are organized. Where the theme of the art was the human rights of the Rohingya SOGIESC community. The project also provides SOGIESC Rohingya youth with skills development, basic education,  awareness on sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and safety training.

Project Title: Youth Stories Matter Media Training
Funded by: Youth Voices Count, SOGI Campaigns and Probe  Media Foundation Inc.
Time frame: April 2023– June 2023
Project Overview: Youth Stories Matter is a campaign project. Under this project, video documentaries on SOGIESC issues are produced from Asian countries. Noboprobhaat Foundation through this project produced a video documentary on Chakma SOGIESC youth. Which is displayed in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.
Project Title: Voice of Colors
Funded By: European Union and Collaboration with Article 19 South Asia and Plan International Bangladesh
Time Frame: December-2023 – February-2024

Project Overview: The “Voice of Colors” project, spearheaded by Noboprobhaat Foundation, is a comprehensive endeavor aimed at advocating for the rights and visibility of the gender diverse community in society. Through strategic partnerships with organizations like Plan International Bangladesh and Article 19 South Asia, and with funding support from the European Union, the project seeks to address the unique challenges faced by gender diverse individuals. Activities under the project include training sessions, awareness campaigns, street drama shows, and other impactful interventions. These initiatives are designed to raise awareness about the issues confronting the gender diverse community, promote inclusivity, empower marginalized individuals, and foster a culture of empathy and acceptance within society. The overarching objective of the “Voice of Colors” project is to create a more equitable and inclusive society where every individual, regardless of gender identity, feels valued, respected, and empowered to live authentically. Through collaborative efforts and dedicated advocacy, the project aims to bring about positive change and advance the rights of gender diverse individuals.