Running Project's

Project Title: USAID Shomota (Equality) Project
Funded By: USAID Bangladesh and collaboration with Bandhu Social Welfare Society
Time Frame: November-2023 – Running

About Project: Noboprobhaat Foundation is part of the “USAID Shomota” project in collaboration with Bandhu Social Welfare Societies funded by USAID. This project aimed at prevention of domestic violence against SOGIESC community, legal empowerment, mental health protection, inclusion of  SOGIESC persons in job sector. This project is multi year’s project.

Project Title: Harmony for Diversity and Peace Project
Funded By: The Asia Foundation
Time Frame: March-2024 -August-2024

About Project: The “Harmony for Diversity and Peace Project” is a collaborative effort between Noboprobhaat Foundation and The Asia Foundation aimed at promoting understanding, tolerance, and peace among diverse religious and ethnic communities in Bangladesh. Through activities such as interfaith dialogues, awareness campaigns, advocacy efforts, capacity building, and partnerships, the project seeks to address social conflicts, reduce discrimination, and foster harmonious coexistence. Its ultimate goal is to create an inclusive and peaceful society where individuals from all backgrounds can live together in harmony.