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UN Human Rights Mechanism Virtual Training Program Successfully Completed by Noboprobhaat and Inclusive Bangladesh

In collaboration with COC Netherland and ILGA Asia, Noboprobhaat and Inclusive Bangladesh organized UN Human Rights Mechanism training for the LGBTQI+ community. 110 people from all over Bangladesh registered for the training. 56 people were selected for training. Virtual training is organized from 13th November,2020 to 05 December,2020. After the training all the participants were taken MCQ test. Certificates were awarded to 56 participants who passed the examination successfully.

The trainees came from 22 districts while 26% of them are living in rural areas.

Topic of Training

                        1. Overview of Human Rights Systems and Ratification
                        2. Treaty Bodies and CEDAW
                        3. The reporting procedure
                        4. Special Procedure and IE on SOGIESC
                        5. UPR and its process
                        6. Engagement of CSOs
                        7. Monitoring and Documenting
                        8. Drafting training manual

Description of the topics covered in the training

UN Human Rights Mechanism Training Day- 1

The first day of training discussed UN structure, Human Rights Council, Ratification and different aspects. Engaging more with the UN mechanisms to promote human rights and justice is the key focus of this training program.


UN Human Rights Mechanism Training Day- 2

 The second day of training discussed Treaty Bodies, mandates and scopes of engagement with the bodies for CSOs. Functions and engagement processes with CEDAW are also discussed.


UN Human Rights Mechanism Training Day- 3

The third day of training discussed state party reporting procedures and ways of CSO’s engagement in that. Reporting cycle, format, and processes of constructive dialogue are also discussed.


UN Human Rights Mechanism Training Day- 4

The third day of training discussed special procedures and ways of CSO engagement with various Independent experts. Country and thematic mandates and basic working capacities of Special procedures are also discussed.


UN Human Rights Mechanism Training Day- 5

The last day of training discussed Universal Periodic Review and ways of CSO engagement.


A handbook was published at the end of the training. The name of the book is “Protect”. The book is distributed for free to all.

[You can download the book from the link below.]

PROTECT-UN Human Rights Mechanism Trainer Handbook


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